Darken Art

In no particular order, here's some of the awesome fanart I've been kindly given over the months.

Reminding us of the horror that is the 80s, this picture by KAM, which I consider to be pure comedy.

Tsukiko's research on where drow shop for clothes. Ruhig is a character of hers, from Mortis Librum, which I suggest you go have a look at.

Shiny, dandruff-free hair was part of Gort's deal with the devil. By Ruxen, whose lovely soft style makes me jealous.

I think my eyes rolled out of my head when I saw this one.. I've decided to worship Crazydwarf as some kind of god now.

Jill, doing what she does best- making tea. Er, also, killing. By Neb, of Minions For Hire. Comics with morally ambiguous main characters should band together.

 Komiyan also doing what he does best- looking terrified. Awesomeness provided by Ayadumei, whose name I've probably spelt wrong..

Another by Tsukiko, who will also be worshipped. Mink looks gorgeous here...

Not the most likely of models.. Clearly being in this comic isn't paying Komiyan enough. By Subs.

An almost criminally cute Komiyan, by Jin of the equally adorable Destination Starshine. I Wanna hug him. Can I hug him?

Further proof that Komiyan is fun to draw! A nicely detailed pic by Noisemonkey of Dim Bulb Comics, who has a really nice style going there.

War is some sort of inking deity. I want that awesome dagger. For dagging.

Maria and Michelle drew this awesome pic of Casper! More love for Casper, with his pointy hair and sneaky ways!

I love this one to pieces. Gort flirting with Jill, by Colby of LinT. The comedy in this speaks for itself, go read LinT for more!

Now, I wouldn't have figured Gort for a chess player, but someone's clearly wiped the board clean here :D From our lovely Evil DM, Mike, whose fault this whole thing is :D

See, normally not a fan of sprite comics.. But see, this, this is sprite ART. Cause i certainly don't remember Komiyan having a cameo in Sonic. By the lovely artist of Spriteville, who went on a spriting rampage on the Keen forums.

Terrifically singular version of Mink by Robotgirl, who, as far as I know, unfortunatly has no site to pimp :( Unique and stylish, I love this one.

Tis- er, twas the season.. My first Secret Santa gift..

..and my second! Not many people get two :D Both by the clearly very generous Bobo of Mika- Miyku.. Er... Mikyagu! Yeah, knew I'd get there eventually :D

Ahaha! I love you, TLH..This is so many levels of disturbing. Go read Twice Destined, bloody good plot and bloody good art. Also- Sexay ladies!

Part of Srdjan's fanart sketch rampage on the Keenspace forums, a bee-youtiful Jill in her lovely winter coat :D

Wee little cute adorable Komiyan sketch by Keffira of the fantastic Feyenne, which I assume you have already read. If not, shame on you.

Waaah! This is awesome! Many thanks to G-Lode of Brothers Forever for this fantabulous rendition of Komiyan :D

It's so sweet, I can actually feel my teeth rotting :D Part of Maria and Michelle's crayontastic fanart rampage on the Keenspace forums.

Awesome rendition of Komiyan by Col of Strange Happenings, which is nice of him considering I tried to exorcise him and all :)

Now here we have something special. Four images by Jack Edwards-Fox, otherwise known as Casper :) Unfortunatly, these were photographed and not scanned, so I had to mess with the levels a bit, but I think they turned out pretty damn nice. First off, our favourite rogue.

Horrendously evil, but you seem to love her anyway, milady Mink! The lips look particularly cool, and nice effect on the scales.

Everyone loves drawing that tattoo. Admit it. You start drawing and just can't stop...

Last of Jack's art, and let's end with pointy ears. He forgot the glasses, mind, but apparently this is artist license, so I'll let him off :)

Humbug had the audacity to actually apologise for the apparent sketchiness of this freaking awesome piece. That made me cry bitter tears :( She's so bloody good, go read Tales of Pylea and see.

Checked my inbox one day to find this bloody fantastic picture of Komiyan by Mina Lunga of Gnoph, by far one of the best comics on Drunkduck. Argh, swords look so good... Stop upstaging me, you horrible mean people :(

I actually missed this one out, even though it was from a long time ago. The magnificent Mr Bob of Star Bored did a most wonderous thing,about 99 Keenspacers, and I somehow popped in there, so here's his interpretation of Komiyan. Woo!

Most adorable Mink EVER by Jops of Shadow Dragon Executive Force, a most strange mix of awesome tech and cuteness. I love how he drew her armour.

Fnar. Speaking of awesomely drawn armour, here's this picture by Zoe of Earthbound, which is just.. wow. She's also a lovely person, as I met her at the UK comic thing and bought Earthbound postcards from her :D Woo!

Damned kids! Courtesy of Ryclaude, whom I also met at the comics thing, cause UK webcomicers really do rock.

I don't know quite how Legostardoes the magic that he does, but damned if we don't appreciate it.

..and just to top it off, Legostar again, with the whole damn cast this time. I'm amazed at how he got them so spot on..

Woah. Well, here's something you don't see everyday.. Some Gort/Komiyan slash that made me blush rather disconcertingly. By RA, who is a wee minx. And she knows it :p

Achh, an utterly perfect manga style Komiyan. By EuniceP. Too.. neat.. Gah..!

First werebear art! Gotta love the expressions.. By Nebb, whose colouring is just awesome.

Nebb again, with another first.. Jade fanart! Which I really didn't expect at all.. Again, check out the colouring, mmm..

My jaw hurts from the floor :( Bloody excellent cast picture by Derenge, who makes me want to redesign Mink's armour so much...

In response to people asking to see Mink's boobies... By Derenge again. Dun worry, it's work-safe.

Awesome colouration from Desfunk. Stop by his site and check out his stickers.

Orion seems to be doubting Komiyan's perfectly healthy grip on sanity, which I feel is very unfair indeeehasjhsjhdkjas.

I totally deserved this. Violence courtesy of Mr Bob..

Aww, he's so happy. Cute picture of Casper from Vorticus.

A shifty-looking Komiyan from Foorley, who doesn't seem to have a page to link to, which is sad.

HAWT and shirtless and looking rather chuffed about it, Casper as drawn by Sacchi, who I also don't have a link for yet...

Whee, second-ever Komiyan sprite! I love how the little leaf badge is there :D By Morgan.

Of all the things I never thought I'd see, Darken/Harry Potter crossover art is one of them :D This is proof that ties work on everyone. Sweet work from Puds. And the first properly full cast picture!

This is just.. wow. A bloody AWESOME piece of work by Dragonmajik, which cropped up in her comic here. Seriously, read this comic, the art will blow your socks off, and the story (written by Netpoet) promises to do much the same :)

As a result of this here fanart by Willie Hewes, I went onto Wikipedia to look up the height rule. You go do it too, ok? Heh heh.

At 12, I think I was still getting pencils stuck in my nose, thus I claim Stephanie to be a very talented 12 year old indeed. That sword is pretty damn awesome.

A most marvelous Mink, with enviable shiny hair. I'm not sure why, but it kinda looks like it should be graffited on a wall somewhere.. By Heather M.

More Mink! With extra added BOOTAY. By Senshi, showing that if the evil quest thing doesn't work out, Mink'd make a dandy underwear model.

Komiyan, looking cute as some kind of button or something. By Kris X.

This section, I'm going to give you fair warning about. This is what I've been calling in my head the Red-Light District of the fanart page... Which means there's nakedness involved. So if you don't want to see the characters like that, or you're at work, or breasts anger and confuse you, just might not want to look here. Alrighty?

RA follows up her last slashpic with something a little more graphic.. Apparently I haven't put enough warning here, so WATCH OUT FOR WANG, OK?

Achim clearly needs a cold shower.

..as does CJ, but we knew that already. Part of her Naked November effort on the comicgen forums.

War really likes boobies.

No, War really really likes boobies.

War really.. thinks I took that joke too far, probably. My favourite bit is Casper and Komi peering round the corners.

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