"Hi there! I'm Dern the Goblin Bard. you may know me from such stories as 'Full Metal Cleric' and 'Tarrasque 3: The Resurrection.'

I've followed Gort and crew around for a while now and it has been my job to write and draw all their adventures. I first met the guys in a forest just East of the Citadel of Light. I think they were trying to defeat the army of Peloria or something... anyway, I digress, that's another story..

Gather round. That's right, come in a bit closer, I don't smell half as much as I look. First, I'll tell you all about about the people who are in my story.."

Gort is as evil as they come. He makes deals with devils, kills his own friends at a drop of a hat.. Need I say more? He's the greatest fighter in all the land, he's never been defeated! He has made a deal to recover certain artifacts for the Dark Lord Mephistopheles, and in return, he has been granted all the power of hell at his command. Pretty cool, huh? Personally I think he was never hugged as a child...
Mink is a Half-Dragon Priestess of the God Hextor. She can channel the power of her deity to create either total destruction or healing.. But she's better at the destruction. What she makes up in power and wisdom, she lacks in co-ordination and is very clumsy. She trips up over her own feet, usually at a critical moment.. People think that Gort is in charge but secretly I think there's more to Mink than meets the eye. She may be short and feisty, but I think she may hold a few surprises.. Her mother, Silvador, was the powerful dragon in charge of Hextoria, until there was an uprising and she was imprisoned by means of a magical sword. Mink doesn't seem to want to let that one lie, though..
Komiyan, Gort's naive sidekick. He decided to break out on his own and join Gort on his adventures. Gort, Komiyan's 'God', displayed his power in killing a gargantuan Neolithid and now he promised to follow Gort and be his unpaid goon. Komiyan is a whirling dervish when it comes to fighting. He spins around like a tornado, slashing maniacally at the enemy until they fall into slices on the floor. It's a lot of pressure being Gort's sidekick, trust me I know, only time will tell whether Komiyan has got it in him to stick with the group, and be there when Gort bites off more than he can chew..
Casper is a bartender from the town of Falloakes, where he was once in the service of the now extinct Yuan-Ti. Singly he's not a great fighter, but when it comes to getting the job done, Casper is the man. If its a locked safe, or sneaking into the King's bedroom, then Casper is the one to do it. There was a time when Casper saved Gort's life; a huge Stone Golem was about to crush Gort and Casper jumped heroically in the way saving him. Since then Gort has, "Kept him around 'cos he's... useful." Again, I think Casper is another person who has something up his sleeve. He may have saved Gort's life, but somehow I think he harbours some sort of a grudge...
Jill the 'Duchess of Avron.' A wealthy heiress who married into riches only for her husband to 'die' in mysterious circumstances. Since her time as the ruler of Avron, several strange occurrences happened. None that can be blamed on her, of course... Not the sort of person to get ravelled up in combat but to deal strictly with nitty-gritty details of straightening out the messes Gort gets them all into. Hiding behind the beauty and the fan is a dark soul that just loves to screw with people's minds...
Michaelus used to be a lowly town guard in the citadel in Falloakes. That was until he was out on patrol one night and he and his brigade were savagely attacked and killed. The only survivor of that night, Michaelus is now a Lycanthrope, half man-half Bear. Thrown into disarray, Michaelus joined the only group that would accept him. Gort, recognising the untold power in Michaelus quickly, if reluctantly accepted him and he has now become the powerhouse of the group.
Once, Leon was Gort's greatest enemy, having defeated him over and over on the field of battle, in the name of the Light. But when they met for a third time, Gort had brought backup in the form of Casper, Mink and Jill, and despite Leon's belief in good conquering evil, he was torn apart. All that remains of him is a statue in the Citadel of Light.
Violet is undoutably Darken's most powerful healer, one who fought alongside Leon in their efforts to restore unity to the land. Since his death, however, she's decided to take a slightly different route.. She seems to be working on something big, but she won't let on exactly what it is.
Silvador, Mink's mother, is an Ancient blue wyrm, previously imprisioned by an obisdian sword. Now realeased by Mink, she plans to restore her throne in Hextoria, and gain power by any means possible.
This Tyr guy seems to be walking around with Gort's face, and damned if we know why. He's the captain of the guard in the Citadel of Light, and that's pretty much all we know. If Gort knows who he is, he isn't telling.
One of the great race of Yuan Ti that Casper used to work for in Falloakes. He believed her dead, until she found him again and gave him a rather nasty piece of information. Jade mostly hides out in the darker places of Falloakes, and has pinned her hopes of salvation for her race entirely on Casper. Whether this will pay off or not, only time will tell.
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All characters portrayed in this webcomic are fictitious. Any similarity to anything or anyone is purely accidental. All artwork is property of Kate Ashwin and is not to be used without permission. The comic is based on a story by Mike Foulks.