Gorgeously drawn fantasy comic, very much worth a read. Ocassionaly goes into 'storybook mode', which I love to pieces.
The most unpretentious fantasy comic ever. It's just plain FUN :D
As you may have guessed, I do love a good D&D comic.. Shaping up to be very interesting indeed, and the art is wonderfully professional.
Another fantasy comic, with a very detail rich setting. Much love.
If you're a D&D player, you should have already read this.
Beautiful art, fascinating story. One of Keenspace's finest.
Updates daily. DAILY. Now that's dedication.
Not updating much recently, which is a shame, but the flair for design really must be seen.
<3 <3 Mr Bob. Sci-fi parody on caffiene :D
Not your average webcomic. Wonderfully dismal setting, and a unique and fitting style.
I am utterly in love with this. An interestingly dark look at fairy tales.
Hee. Hilarious fantasy adventure. Dude, it's got zombies. What're you waiting for?
Damn Ping and her talent! Another exceptional fantasy comic.
Bloody funny. This has really taken off recently, and rightly so.
Stylish, funny, and British :D I love my Shelly badge.
Bloody gorgeous colouring, and I defy you to find a similar storyline to this.
Quickly becoming one of Keen's most popular comics, and within reason. Gaming mockery at its finest.
Dark vampire comic with ever-improving artwork and excellent page layout.
No longer updating, but known by many to be one of the best quirky comics out there.
Excellent artwork in this manga type story. Not many updates of late, sadly.
I wish my favourite comics weren't all dead :( Focusing on adventurers of questionable morals, a subject close to my heart.
Cynicism in sepia.
I'm sure you know this place :)

People who don't have banners:
Angry D Monkey- MONKEYS. Cute fun, til Angry swears at you :o
Gateway- Always looks like it's going to be good, with its gorgeous colouring and cool ideas, then he restarts! Maybe linking will quell this.
Nameless Horror- A rare updater like my good self, but worth waiting for :)
Lost In Transit- Crazy Ivan is a dude. Fun characters and setting.
The Road Less Travelled- I am very much in love with RLT. Layouts are gorgeous, and such a singular style..
Twice Destined- I love this a ton, and so should you. Unique plot, and flowing artwork.
Earthbound- Mm, wings. Demons and angels and all that jazz, drawn out beautifully.
Mortis Librum- Tsukiko is such an amazing artist.. This is practically professional work.

If you fancy linking to Darken, which I would be incredibly grateful for:

All characters portrayed in this webcomic are fictitious. Any similarity to anything or anyone is purely accidental. Some names and monster designs borrowed from Wizards of the Coast. All artwork is property of Kate Ashwin and is not to be used without permission. The comic is based on a story by Mike Foulks. Hosted by ©Ksolution2004