Extra Awesomeness

Here is where things go that aren't strictly fanart, or are something more than fanart.

A very special New Year's Keenspace crossover
For fun, a crossover between the cast of Darken and the cast of the excellent Nahast by Al-X. Two groups of people with very.. differing.. world views are challenged to date each other for just one night.. Hilarity, and fewer corpses than you'd expect, ensue.
Part One (By me)
Part Two (By Al-X)
Part Three (By me)
Part Four (By Al-X)

This seemed to become a bit of an epic without it meaning to :D A HUGE amount of work went into this by ToastGoblin, whose skills and especially his colouring improved massively during the time it took to make this, and we're talking months here. So read and enjoy!
Page One
Page Two
Page Three
Page Four
Page Five
Page Six
Page Seven
Page Eight
Page Nine
Page Ten

LJ Icons
Oh damn this is cool. LJ icons made by Madame Ruby, feel free to use and enjoy:

And some made by Boe, who I suspect is a Casper fan..-

Some very excellent people from the Comic Genesis forums were narrating random comics, and, well, these happened, and my mind was blown. Including links to the comics they read, so you can read along too, if you so desire!

CJ Burgundy reading as Jill, some random thugs and Komiyan from this strip.
Black Sparrow reading as an unfortunate priestess, Komiyan, Gort and Jill from this strip.
Tynan reading as Gort, Komiyan, Casper and the Beholder from this strip, also there's a version with a different Beholder voice.
Tynan reading as good ol' Mr Mephistopheles from this strip.

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