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Apologies for the bare-bones page. I'll spruce it up soon.

The Poster:

Brand new and potentially shiny! There's a Darken poster availible through Cafepress now, so go haveb a gander, even buy one if it's to your liking.

CLOSED FOR NOW. Too much on my plate for a bit, and I take too damn long.
I know this sounds presumptuous of me, but people seem to like my art and I'm broke, thus willing to do commissioned pieces. Got a roleplaying character you want to see all shinied up and stuff? Or some fiction piece you want an illustration for? Black and white, colour, I'd be happy to give it a shot. If you want to check out the style and quality I can do when I'm not doing the comic, here's a sample of what I can do. Interested? Throw me a mail at kojiro_muyo AT hotmail DOT com, and stick 'commission' somewhere in the title so you don't get filtered out. I'm willing to draw pretty much anything that doesn't amount to porn, and prices are negotiable.

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Though you're better to go here if you're in the UK or Europe. Cheaper shipping, see.

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