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30th june
Oh wow wow. If you speak Hungarian, now's your chance to read Darken in it :D I don't speak a word of it, and it all looks like a dauntingly complicated moon language to me. All the same, go see, it's rather surreal and exciting to see the comic in another language. Thanks a ton to Nelinia for taking the time to do this!

14th June
Big big fanart update! And there's a new section of extra goodies like LJ icons, a multipage fanart, and, inconcievably, audio readings from some strips. So go check it out! I've also added a permalink at the bottom for Hogan's Crossover page on Darken, thus saving me the trouble of keeping up with my own cameos. Hoorah!

13th May
Check out the buy some stuff page, as there's now a poster up, cause people really really seemed to want one. It will hopefully be awesome, but the only way to find out would surely be to order one :D

12th March
Well, the Thing was pretty damn awesome :D For those of you who wanted photos, there are some here, here and here. I'm the one with the white streaks in her hair, and Gort's the big lug with the grey jumper and longish hair. The sampler went down well, check the buy stuff section if you want one, or just to look at the sample pages.

Yes, I'm still in!

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